The Ghosts of Peyroux Celebrate Halloween

As twilight overtook the sky and the village ghosts began rising from graves, floating up from haunted houses, creeping in from shadows, the mayor of the tiny village, Peyroux, continued tidying up, quite unnecessarily, as all had been ready for hours. “Welcome my friends, welcome!” the mayor called out, greeting all by name, shaking hands […]

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Prospecting Trick or Treat Bounties

The mermaid finished carving October’s first jack-o-lantern and beamed happily as she turned it around, showing her wife. “Kelpie!” she cried out happily, her expression matching the pumpkin’s grin.

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Lemon Peel’s Halloween Heist

“I see you, dragon,”  the farmer announced. “You stay away from my pumpkin.”

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