From mermaids in lost seas to ghosts haunting forgotten libraries, Evil Supply Co. designs, produces, and sells the finest tomfoolery in all the Netherworld.

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Sleepy Goblin! Sleepy Lich! Evil Meter! New shirts!

“Sleepy Goblin” is available in green or black, “Sleepy Lich” is available in red or black. “Evil Meter” is available in beautiful red.

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New art prints!

A new Creepy Crepes diner print is available. Commemorate your favorite haunted diner!

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Exploration & Tomfoolery

Evil Supply Co. is constantly exploring the Netherworld to find new potions, poisons, and paradoxes. Our goal is to celebrate the wicked things that go bump in the night, the sea monsters that sink ships, the forest fey that rule forgotten worlds, and every vampire, ghost, lich, and wonderfully weird thing in between.

All products and stories are original.