About Evil Supply Co.

Evil Supply Co. is a research and development firm for villains; we are the world’s leader in professional darkness.

We are based in the haunted village of Peyroux with a hidden shipping office in Chicago, IL (it is literally hidden in an old video store behind a mortgage broker — when asked if we wanted a sign on the door, we politely declined). We bring the world exquisitely evil paper goods in the form of stationery, pocket notebooks, and various tomfoolery.


Letter writing died, so we hired necromancers

We love technology — being an online store, it would be a bit hypocritical of us if we didn’t. Writing cards and letters allows a tremendous amount of personality that email and texts miss, and getting snail mail (that isn’t junk) is a tremendous amount of fun. Technology gets work done, allowing us all more time to create, play, live, and enjoy each other’s company (or our own, quietly, with a pile of stories).


We ship world wide

We ship world wide, working as as hard as we can to get you your pieces as quickly and as safely as possible. Orders typically are packaged and shipped within 48-72 hours, and arrive in 3-5 days within the US (international times vary wildly, unfortunately we can’t estimate arrival dates). We do not offer in-office pickup at this time (it would rather defeat the purpose of having a hidden shipping office).


Atticus Q. Redghost, esq.

An artist and writer, Atticus owns Evil Supply Co. and utilizes the company to spread his unique brand of silly wickedness. He is known to wear as many bright, clashing colors as possible, considering his personal aesthetic a “haunted ice scream parlor of fun-filled fright”. When not running Evil Supply Co., Atticus can be found writing letters and post cards, sitting by the lake (in the summer), reading library books, and eating waffles in greasy diners.

We are independently owned and operated. We represent ourselves without the resources (and liabilities) of any external studio, agency, publication, investor, etc. Please note: this is not an invitation to pitch us. We appreciate the thought, but we prefer to build our audience and business ourselves.


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