Socks are Creature Comforts

Socks are a common creature comfort comforting countless creatures. They are portable pieces of home to take with you on the road and comforting memories of travels to wear at home.

Mountain Dwarf Booties: While not widely regarded as the softest of monsters, mountain dwarves give special care to their socks. They have to. Long hours in front of a forge or workbench require boots of tremendous strength and durability. Without adequate softness, work would slow down — completely unacceptable.

Sprite Slippers: Sprites, faeries, and pixies often prefer “sprite slippers” — so named because out of all the fey in this grouping, sprites tend to make the softest footware. Allegedly. This is a hotly contested point within the fey realm, competition is friendly but fierce.

Mermaid Fishnets: Mermaids are built for cold ocean depths. So saying, who doesn’t enjoy a warm blanket over their legs? Or tail in this instance. Mermaid fishnets are made from kelps and seaweeds processed into yarns then tightly knotted together and enchanted with heat-retaining spells. They are extremely popular amongst many aquatic fey.