Skele-Pins Boo-a-Rama

One of the most popular games in the necromantic and undead communities is bowling, and one of the Netherworld’s most popular destinations for it is Skele-Pins Boo-a-Rama.

Secluded in the Grumble & Rot Mountains, Skele-Pins is a huge, decrepit mansion long abandoned and turned into an arcade. The entire house has been gutted, with non-essential support structures removed, allowing roof-to-floor views.

The main features of the ground floor are 13 bowling lanes, each themed with vampires, ghosts, revenants, and other types of undead monsters. Ringing the lanes are classic arcade games such as Roast the Knight, a dragon simulator, and Overthrow the King, a game of thieves and shadowy whispers.

Flying high above the games, witches try stunt brooms and non-witches try out normal flying devices and spells (and if they are very brave, the stunt brooms!) Feathernet spells catch any whom slip. Bats, ravens, and even the occasional owl zip through the air to create obstacles and mischief.

Refreshments are served in a graveyard stretching to the side and behind Skele-Pins, a full kitchen cooks up feisty treats and wicked potions. Henbane hotdogs with a side of thieving finger fries is the most popular lunch. At five silver coins, it is a great deal.

About once a week, a large sheet is suspended out in the cemetery and a movie is played. Classics are common, and since the Netherworld produces inexpensive monster movies (starring real monsters) the show is always are double feature.

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