Healing Potions

Adventurers and monsters in the field or dungeon often rely on general use “healing potions” as they will help you escape an encounter and seek more specialized care. They tend to remain effective for about two weeks after brewing, taste terrible, but can be freely shared by all of a campaign’s adventuring parties.

Species-specific healing potions last about a month and have a pleasant but non-specific taste. They tend to be poisonous to unrelated creatures — a mermaid can safely drink a sea nymph healing potion at reduced potency, but a dwarven healing potion would be gross and deadly.

A skilled healer uses a combination of personalized magic potions, spells, and other physical ingredients to fix and repair. The more powerful and experienced the healer is, the faster and more pleasant the healing will be.

Healers are crafty, often using materials found in the field to supplement their inventory. This will, of course, create its own set of problems from time to time as many magical plants and monsters have attuned hunting skills to mimic what healers need, so being aware of the local flora is critical.

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