Red Kelp

A dryad, Red Kelp changed her name after (mostly) retiring from adventuring life. She took on “Red Kelp” based on her then-girlfriend (now wife)’s favorite aquatic frond.

Dryads are naturally magical, but Red struggles with all but the simplest of spells and is rarely able to use magic outside of the plant and soil spheres. Regular practice helps stretch her abilities and keep her limber, but progress is slow, full of setbacks, and frequently frustrating.

In her days as an adventurer, Red specialized in stealth and information gathering. Moving without making noise or casting a shadow is as much talent as spell casting. Her naturally quiet, thoughtful nature and excellent memory made her the perfect rogue. In times of battle, she often called on the local flora for aid, later rewarding them with collected potions and elixirs. Red is an excellent cook and potion brewer. An avid reader, she can occasionally be lured or bribed into a campaign with promises of new books or new editions of books she already owns.

With her days on the road mostly behind her, Red has taken up a new trade. She started helping her wife, Strawberry, a filmmaker, with hair and makeup designs before they married. Now she has a thriving practice, often traveling on her small scooter to meet clients in their home and helping them prepare for dates or special events.

Red Kelp enjoys reading outside in the sunshine, especially in Autumn’s Lost Wood, where she lives with her wife, and on the beach in their beach home on Blissful Heart Lagoon.

Red Kelp drives Bumble Bee scooters.

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