Moonlight & Magic

As twilight enveloped the sky, the witch lit a long black candle. It sputtered for a moment before the flame steadied. The room, cast in an eldritch light, grew subtly more comfortable and cozy.

All across the Netherworld, similar rituals played out as all manner of magic users lit candles and lanterns, large and small, old and new.

magic users all across the netherworld light candles to honor the moon. some gather on the surface to sacrifice energy

As if to accept the bouquet of lights, as if to say good evening, as if to say “I love you too,” the moon rose and cast her own royal light across the Netherworld. Magic is closely tied to the moon here. Some spells work best at night, often during certain lunar phases.

An anchor, one of the oldest and mightiest, the moon presides over many spheres of magical energy, an ethereal and eternal monarch. Every night, she casts down a blanket of magic, refilling and redistributing the flows. And every night, magic users honor her by casting their own mortal glows up.

To ensure the moon’s health, to honor her, almost all magic users travel to hidden caverns below the lunar surface at least once in their life. Stories are shared with the sentient stones and raw magical energy from the sea, sky, land, and fire are sacrificed, poured into the rock to renew and replenish.

To give back, to give thanks.

Very powerful witches can request lunar eclipses over certain areas of the Netherworld. The increase to their powers will make mighty magics easier to cast, summons to complete, and legends to seal. If you need a kingdom cursed, sure you can wait around for an eclipse to coincide with your to do calendar, waiting years, decades sometimes. Or you can fly to the moon and plead your case. The moon is kind and generous, and if the request is polite and the appropriate tributes are offered, she will accede. Praise darkness and gloom, ours is the finest moon.

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