Hot Cocoa

As snow continues to fall around the region, Donut be Afraid, a haunted coffee and ghostly donut shop, has launched a special hot cocoa menu to warm the bones of weary travelers.

Peppermint and poison passion: Abyss chocolate is laced with belladonna and served with a bone-shaped peppermint swizzle stirrer.

Eye of Newt Cocoa: Swamp fudge and moss is mixed with classic ectoplasm and served in a small cauldron.

Blood, Fruit, and Flames: A treat designed to thrill vampires, this wretched chocolate drink is rich and full bodied. Specify a blood type if you have a preference!

Salt Water Taffy Topped Hot Chocolate: For mermaids and other aquatic horrors, a mug of hot sea mud crafted with water harvested from lost seas and topped with three kinds of salt.

Egg Nog Rot: A witchy drink, egg nog rot is a noxious brew that is, paradoxically, boiling hot and ice cold at the same time.

Donut Be Afraid mug

Donut Be Afraid mug ($14.75)

A favorite stop for monsters and witches on the go.
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