The Wind & the Tide (Part 1)

Using a series of hand gestures and a few facial expressions, the dryad described the feeling of wind. The flow through hair, distant smells, and the charged atmosphere of storms.

Beaming with understanding, the mermaid responded excitedly, relating the sensations of tides, temperature and pressure changes.

“Slow down, slow down!” the dryad signed, pulling her fingers along the top of her opposite hand. She had to repeat the gesture a few times before the mermaid caught up. Blushing a deep indigo, the mermaid repeated the message slowly and deliberately.

The conversation continued until twilight began to pool around them and visibility lessened.

They giggled royally when the mermaid signed “Tomorrow?” and the dryad interpreted “Strawberry?”

The next morning, the dryad indeed brought strawberries with her. The mermaid brought a small packet of red kelp tied together.

The beach was an unusual place for the dryad. Sand kept getting between her toes, the water made her intensely thirsty no matter how much she drank… but it was Strawberry’s week to choose their adventures.

With an umbrella made of branches and leaves, acorn snacks, sunscreen crafted from an ornery lichen, and a very curious owl who had heard of cuttlefish once, the dryad known as the hand-signed words “Red Kelp” headed out. She carried an oak scepter enchanted with the energy of the forest, permitting her to leave the area for a day or two without losing her strength.

Into the water Red Kelp plunged, enjoying the icy sensation and the air bubbles that exploded around her. It did not take long for her to catch up with the mermaid known as the hand-signed words “Strawberry,” nor did it take long for the two to affectionately reconcile the brief time they had spent apart.

For the following several hours, the two lovers used their hands in a blended language of their own creation, bridging their alien worlds, discussing the needs of each realm.

A study of turtles and tortoises became the prime subject, as each showed the other runes and glyphs of healing and protection that could be painted on the creatures shells. The magical structures had incredible similarities.


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