The Talking Plants

The dryad lovingly tickled the carnivorous plants jutting teeth. It whined crankily but eventually opened its fanged maw.

“Yes, yes, I know,” the dryad murmured soothingly. “But I am going to teach you something new, it will help during lean times.” At this, the plant relaxed and began cooperating.

The dryad worked through a series of vocalizations as she poured a glowing orange potion down the plants throat. She returned every afternoon for a week, repeating the vocalization exercises and adding more potions. Soon, the plant was able to repeat phrases and respond to simple questions.

On the final day, the dryad kissed the plant lovingly and left, moving on to her next mission within the swamp.

“Goblins!” a convincingly human voice called out. “Hurry! We are under attack!” No one was around to hear, so the plant waited patiently. Within a month, it sensed tell-tale vibrations in the ground and the smell of leather armor, of weapon polish, of flesh and blood.

“Goblins!” the plant shouted, and the humans came running, ready to help, ready to loot. “Hurry! We are under attack!” the plant cried, grinning hungrily.

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