Shifting Weather

Summer has finally begun to relent. While at least one more oven-blast of sunshine should be expected before the equinox, the seasonal shift is well underway. Thank moons.

Not much is expected to change in Autumn’s Lost Wood at the western edge of the village, nor Grimwood Swamp to the east. Weather remains chilly and sweltering, respectively, as their maintaining magical fields counteract the seasons.

An annual shift in foragables should be kept in mind. Middle months are great for monstrous plants, but autumn is the time for the cursed and poisonous. Gather the carnivorous plants you need quickly before the month is out, before they retreat into the soil for slumber. And be careful, lest they eat you!

To help with the lingering warmth, the Potion Maker’s Authority handed out potent potion popsicles all last week. A variety of colors and flavors were available, each enchanted with different effects.

Playful spell battles ensued as non-magic users were granted the temporarily ability to fly or breathe fire, and a few lucky recipients randomly selected “dragon” pops — transforming into the legendary creatures themselves for a time!

Other popular spells included Bounce, allowing popsicle patrons to safely fall from tall heights (the clock tower in the center of the village was the favored testing ground) and Hue, which made the pop slurper change colors (I was as yellow as a lemon for a few hours).

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