Phantasmal Peppers

Yellow Ghoulies

A spicy, citrus pepper with a high level of juice. Goes excellent with seafood.

Oak Teeth

Naturally smoky and full bodied, tends to cause rain while being eaten.

Dragon Tongue

An acquired taste as it is a bit slimy. Fans of it love the texture and often add it to everything they eat.

Witch Cauldrons

Naturally hollow peppers, these are often used by travelers as small bowls or cups. The cauldrons cook well, but do not burn in fire. They have very little taste naturally, instead picking up the flavors of whatever is cooked inside of them.


An oily, glow-in-the-dark pepper that smells of pine and is extremely temperamental after being picked. Caution should be used because, as the name implies, they randomly burst into flame.

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