North Road

North Road is the only passage into the village of Peyroux. It shifts its physical form from smooth (for casual walking) to molten lava (allowing fire creatures a comfortable path) to a deep river (for mermaids and other water fey to swim up).

The winding, convoluted road opens wherever it is needed, or wants to go, and ends in the village square. No one in the Netherworld has any say over North, it is completely independent. In this traveling, autonomous nature, it has frustrated cartographers and would-be invaders for as long as it has existed.

The only entrance into peyroux and it moves constantly.

Peyroux is a tiny village, it is often joked you could stand at one end and comfortably converse with someone at the other end without raising your voice. There are, however, constant streams of monsters, witches, and fey from all over the Netherworld pouring in to trade goods, services, stories, and gossip. Every time you go to Peyroux, it becomes a little bit easier to get back.

Such a robust group of monstrous activity attracts all manner of attention from adventurers looking to make a name for themselves. Every few weeks, some dashing fool or other will burst into a heroic guild hall or corporate meeting room and proclaim they have found the “true” spell or equation that can track the North Road once and for all. Supplies are gathered, muscle is hired on, spells are prepared, and expeditions set out.

Occasionally, the mouth of the Road is actually found by coincidence — it moves constantly but does not blink out of existence. This is by no means a guarantee of safety for the expedition as the road itself determines the journey. For heroes and armies, North has been known to convolute and double back, sometimes setting rival armies against one another and allowing invasions to sort themselves out. The road also determines the journey’s length. For young lovers, joined in black of heart, the path is particularly long and lined with hexing blooms, while the ill will find the journey very short and smooth. This may be the ultimate defense mechanism against unwanted intruders, for there is nothing in the road’s composition that prevents it from stretching out and looping back literally forever.

North Road is both protection and advertisement. Its amazing ability to accommodate travelers allows a massive influx of very welcome diversity into Peyroux.

Black Moonlight in the Poison Garden patch

Black Moonlight in the Poison Garden patch ($2.00)

Nightshade? Many varieties! Witch weed? Both cursed and haunted varieties.
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