Morning Routines

As the sun rises (or the moon for the nocturnal), a variety of beauty routines sweep the Netherworld as monsters seek to look their best (or worst, or both).

Dragons roll around in gems, often crushing them into a fine dust that polishes and protects their scales. There are few things better than a good scratch!

Witches often wash their face with swamp water before applying ash from their hearth. Ghoulish gracious you look terribly great!

Vampires use mold and fungi grown in decaying lands, adding the smells of the earth to their grim perfumes. This allows them to hide their undead auras and blend into crowds of humans.

Ghosts spend their time in the walls of houses, gathering forgotten cobwebs and creeping rust. Even the non-corporeal enjoy these pamperings, passing through the house’s bones to soak up residual energies. You are spooky and lovely, darlings!

Sleeping Ghost enamel pin

Sleeping Ghost enamel pin ($2.00)

The undead are often sleepy, sometimes resting peacefully for years at a time.
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