Ghosts in the Garden

Having a garden or farm with ghostly visitors helps ensure bountiful blooms and wretched harvests. Ghosts are invaluable allies, often cursing huge tracts of land and attracting an ever shifting ecto-ecosystem of pollinators, energy balancers, and beneficial pests.

So how does one attract ghosts in the first place? Start in a graveyard.

Countless ages ago, ghosts lingering near their own graves and visiting others began to notice their sepulchral homes are the greatest place to find afterlife connections. The spell to invite something to follow you home is as simple as silently requesting company as you pass by the gates, anyone and anything interested in a job will take care of the rest.

Keeping your ghastly gardening companions happy is as simple as ensuring your plants are regularly exposed to moonlight (at least once a week). The ghosts will blend the lunar energy with their own magical forces, darkening your plot and killing off any intruder.

Before long, all manner of visitors and residents may join you: living shadows in the spring, haunted winds in the autumn, small trolls when the air is crisp, and if you have a big enough property, vile monsters that defy imagination.

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