Fresh Blood

The forests and swamps surrounding the village of Peyroux accumulate magical energy, making them perfect locations for newly turned vampires to gather in. This is a very vulnerable time for fresh bloods. Powers are new and weak, myths cloud weaknesses and obscure strengths, and popular culture assigns age-gathered vitality to the newly turned. Heroes and vampire hunters,
keen on eradicating the world of monsters, often target fresh bloods with devastating efficiency. Until recently, strength in numbers has been the only hope for surviving the first few years.

Upon seeing the posters of Mina Harker’s lecture, above, every bat in peyroux rushed to greet her.

Legendary vampires and other monsters come to Peyroux all the time. It is a small but attractive area, the perfect place to shop or simply relax and visit friends. Ms. Mina Harker, of the Dracula bloodline, a frequent and treasured guest, arrived earlier this month. She will be spending much of her time in the Peyroux Public Phantasmal Library, creating curses and helping the librarians resolve traps brought in from the field. As an adventurer of incredible renown, the plights and sticky situations Ms. Harker gets herself into and out of are numerous and complex. As such, she is the perfect mentor for fresh bloods.

The jurisdiction of human laws over vampires is a gray area, the Netherworld is so large and full of adventure, and this new existence is equally rewarding and challenging. Ms. Harker is here to help. The Necromancer’s Spectral Club is proud to announce a new workshop series to help newly turned vampires thrive in a changing world.

Classes will rotate every few weeks, look for the schedule posted in the lychgate at the entrance of The Crepuscular Cemetery.

Upcoming classes fresh bloods might be interested in:

CLOAKS, YES! Being undead means a loss of body heat. Cloaks add a theatrical flare, comforting warmth, and can help shield against unexpected bursts of light. Also, one can never have too many pockets.

WHAT IS YOUR TYPE? Blood types and age groups all have different flavors. Join us for a taste test, discover the hidden bouquets and meal combinations. Arrive hungry!

LEGAL PAD: Legally, you are dead. How can you take advantage of this? What challenges lay ahead when you try to sign a lease or get a cell phone? Take a deep, dusty breath — these problems have all been solved countless times over, our experts will help set you up and are available for ongoing advice as needed.

Vampires and those who are simply curious are welcome to all meetings. Protection against becoming refreshments is guaranteed.

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