Alternative Career Choices

Good and evil leads folk to take up the mantle of “hero” or “villain.” And while these work well for many, they certainly aren’t the only viable options.

Eldritch Lumberjack

Working with dryads and sylphs, you help keep the balance of nature within a territory of land, typically a forest. Part nature magic, part necromancy, you heal or reclaim the denizens of your assigned lands. You work with a wide spectrum of magical plants, beasts, minerals, fungi, and insects.

Fey Farmer

Plant, tend, harvest, preserve, distribute, rest as the land rests. Some farmers work open fields, others work swamps or orchards. The landscape if wildly varied, as are the crops. Your domain is all things that magically grow. It takes lifetimes to master, but the joy of work is immediate.

Occult Oceanographer

The deep ocean is your realm. You assist mermaids and study kraken, you swim with sea nymphs and help water elementals find their way home. Magic will help you breathe and survive the immense pressures of the Deep Dark, curiosity and currents show you where to go.

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