Pumpkin Polishin’

The solstice is quickly approaching, and as this has historically been the best time to plant the magical seeds for Peyroux’s pumpkin crop, the farm hands and I are busy at work preparing the fields.

Our first step will be to weed and soften up the soil itself. I have an earth elemental tasting various points now and making notes — add phosphorous here, plant a fast-growing variety of blaquewort mushrooms to balance the organic flow there, sprinkle chopped nightshade here-and-yonder. We are looking to predict the quality of the season’s field and estimate what should grow where. We need enough medium pumps for everyone’s home, some giant pumps for village decoration, and enough in between for stew pots, potions, and pies.

Next up is a trip to the Potion Maker’s Authority. We need pumpkin polish and all manner of growth and protection elixirs. If you grow pumpkins too quickly, they split— but if you manage it right, they shine right up. The Authority will be on hand all season, helping us tweak watering in accordance with the weather (and helping us tweak the weather as necessary).

Soil prepped, we dig small holes and drop in a few seeds. The cemeteries ‘round Peyroux always help with some new top soil, typically about a century old to the year we are planting, and the smokesmith sends over various ashes.

All ready, we find ourselves at the hardest part of the process: patiently waiting, trying not to fuss too much, day dreaming about the harvest. Will report back when autumn settles in. ’Til then, I’m gettin’ back to work.

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