A Hand at the Library

“Pardon me, do you have anything on leviathans?” the young man asked hopefully.

“I do believe we do, yes,” the reference librarian remarked. “Just a moment, please.” With her skeletal right hand, she removed her left and sent it scurrying to a massive card catalog.

“Living or undead?”

“Living, please.”

“Monstrous or mortal?

“Hm… monstrous, I believe.”

The librarian nodded and continued chatting politely with the patron. After a few minutes, the arrant hand returned with a small pile of thick, off-white cards inscribed with titles of various books. The words were written by hand in a small, beautiful script.

The librarian perused the cards while her hand reattached itself then said, “This way, please” and floated towards a darkened hallway.

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