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The zombie hesitated and looked away. “I’m scared.”

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An Atticus Ramble on Creating

“I love creating things,” Atticus said aloud. Maybe to herself, maybe to the scattered skeletons, it was impossible to tell over the chaotic sounds of battle.

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The Attack

“Quietly, like a cat,” the necromancer mumbled to herself, hiked up the black tatters of her skirt and crept forward. Her familiar, an actual cat, glanced at her, rolled its eyes, laid down, and went to sleep.

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Popular Movie Snacks

Monster and ghost movies are incredibly popular in the Netherworld, and snacks are ubiquitous.

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Four Short Ghost Stories

“De mortuis nil nisi bonum, Atticus,” the ghost said lovingly, kissing my cheek before floating away.

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The Ghoul

The ghoul gazed out longingly from the hole she dug into the earth, eying with regret the cool, damp crypt three dozen steps away.

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The Rabbit and the Skeleton

The skeleton laid in the earth, alone with its hallowed thoughts, for what seemed like an endless procession of years. Halfway through a yawn (out of habit, its lungs had long vanished), it heard the first sound to echo through the grave in… my oh my, how long now? A duet of pleasures — for […]

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The Lich Rises

“You call me unclean,” the lich’s voice rasped hollowly in its skull, mingling with the piano music.

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The Lich’s Thousand Year Gift

In a rare move of self-deception, the lich pivoted and floated out of the room so it could watch the sunset, as if this would speed along the passage of time just a bit faster.

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Collective Nouns for Various Monsters

“The harmony of sirens gazed hungrily at the approaching ship.”

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