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Undead Monarch enamel pin
A haunted home is a ghost's castle.

Undead Monarch enamel pin $3.75

Sleeping Ghost enamel pin
The undead are often sleepy, sometimes resting peacefully for years at a time.

Sleeping Ghost enamel pin $3.75

Happy Crypt enamel pin
A spooky accessory or two helps make every outfit a bit better.

Happy Crypt enamel pin $3.75

Black Moonlight in the Poison Garden patch
Nightshade? Many varieties! Witch weed? Both cursed and haunted varieties.

Black Moonlight in the Poison Garden patch $2.00

Netherworld Post Office Raven patch
Celebrate your love of letters, cards, and scare packages!

Netherworld Post Office Raven patch $2.00

Space Travel Console patch
Decrease power to propulsion and ease the ship into natural gravitational orbit.

Space Travel Console patch $2.00

Monster Movies patch
Support ghoulish cinema!

Monster Movies patch $2.00

Magic Vending Machine patch
Healing potions, spell components, a spare curse or two!

Magic Vending Machine patch $2.00

Mermaid Grilling patch
Fire up a grill and throw on some krill!

Mermaid Grilling patch $2.00

Slimy Movie Popcorn enamel pin
Delicious and monstrous!

Slimy Movie Popcorn enamel pin $3.75

Dancing Mermaid enamel pin
Many mermaids can summon storms or sunshine with their intricate dances.

Dancing Mermaid enamel pin $3.75

Gloomy & Gorgeous patch
Being gloomy and gorgeous are not mutually exclusive... far from it, they often go hand and claw together.

Gloomy & Gorgeous patch $2.00

Bat Cave patch
Real estate agents will tell you… location, location, location!

Bat Cave patch $2.00

Lost patch
Into the dark, into the gloom!

Lost patch $2.00

Haunt the Mail art print
Ghosts love letters, telegrams, and parcels of all kinds.

Haunt the Mail art print $2.00

Lunar Citizen patch
Tell the world your home is on the moon.

Lunar Citizen patch $2.00

Haunted House patch
Graceful ghosts lingering in empty rooms, absorbing secrets, radiating gloom.

Haunted House patch $2.00

Phantasmaflora Farm Market patch
Hail growing things! Convert sunlight to curses, you marvelous monstrosities!

Phantasmaflora Farm Market patch $2.00