Project Roadmap

As a tiny company, we approach new projects very conservatively. This following roadmap is designed to answer “When will This Thing launch?” and to keep an open channel of communication for ideas and future partnerships.

We aren’t expecting you to follow this timeline, it is designed more for us to have a public page we can link to when asked questions. Updated: September 19, 2016.

  • Customized Products: By mid 2017, we plan on launching a few customized products (stationery, notecards, etc.).
  • Private library materials: Part of Customized Products above.
  • Weddings and parties: An expanded version of Customized Products.
  • Notary Noir: An expanded version of Customized Products.
  • Shirts: On hold at the moment. We know the kind of shirt we want and we have the printers picked out, but we need to figure out the internal logistics of ensuring we have the right sizes etc.
  • Blog of Evil Supply Co. Stories: In progress. We will be rebuilding our backend systems from scratch and would have to build it twice. Until then, Tumblr and Facebook will remain the best place to find our stories.
  • Newspaper-only Subscription: Held until a site review through 2019.
  • Radio Station / Movie House: On hold. The original plan was to host existing content from sources such as and similar, but it is looking increasingly like we do not have the power to handle this media outlet. If this is an idea you want to take and run with, please email Atticus and he can provide the notes we have thus far.
  • YouTube Partnerships: We would be interested in partnering with YouTube (and similar site) personalities. The idea is less “review this product” and more “feature something we make in a narrative.” Such as using a potion label in a cooking video. If interested, please email Atticus with your URL and budget notes.


Store with a little content vs. store with a lot of content

Right now, we are a small web store that publishes stories and articles on social media and our newspaper (as part of Mister Ghost parcels and separately). While we wish to remain a small web store, we want to be in a position to publish more, faster, and bigger. The next phase of our website (launching late in 2019) is designed around this goal.