- archive - Vampire annual planner

This planner includes 12 unnamed sections designed for monthly use, either for a linear calendar or concurrently for different projects (“January, Home” and “January, Work”, “February, Home”, etc.)

The opening page includes a lined area for notes, “Began” and “Completed” date fields, contact information, and a warning: “Wisdom will find trespassing fingers closing this book rather than ‘casually browsing’ one never knows what watches.”

Each of the 12 sections includes:

  • 1 “month” spread with a “to do” sidebar
  • 5 “week” spreads with a”to do” sidebar
  • 1 “to do” spread with 40 check boxes
  • 1 lined spread for notes to plan or recap the month
194 internal pages including opening and closingCream interior paperFRONT AND BACK COVER FEATURE A Bat and Coffin PATTERNSturdy coil binding6" x 8.5" (15.24cm x 21.59cm)