Raven Stationery Suite (Blue)

Ravens are often touted as amazing messengers, and for good reason. With ease, they are able to pass seemingly into every known realm or plane of existence to deliver notes. Splendid creatures.

Our stationery is designed for handwritten notes. Though multiple sheets can easily fit into a single envelope, a single sheet is typically used.

Letterhead is double sided and is shown with the designs printed on the front and back. Our blue envelopes feature a “to / from” design. For those preferring to illustrate envelopes themselves, we of course offer our standard blank neutral or black envelopes.

Black envelope option requires white, silver, gold, or similar penStickers are outdoor safe, scratch resistant, weatherproof, even dishwasher safe!5.5" x 7.75" (13.97cm x 19.69cm)