Peyroux Dispatch Issue 14 – Evil Supply Co.

Peyroux Dispatch Issue 14

The Peyroux Dispatch is a newspaper included in each Mister Ghost’s Highly Enviable Monthly Parcel of Simple Yet Amazing Wonderments. This edition is from July 2017.

Stories in this edition:

  • The Ruby (The Queen and her Axe Maiden)
  • Petrified Forest (Ham turns trees to stone)
  • Monster Movies (An overview of movies in the Netherworld)
  • Haunted Realty (A phantasm buys a home)
  • Popular Movie Snacks (Chomp chomp!)
  • Dawn & Dusk Teas (Enhancing potions)
  • Sleeping Snakes (Ham falls asleep at her desk)
  • My Turn to Pay (Margot dines with the Purple Paw Thievery)
  • Chatty Forests (Forests talking to each other)

Advertisements in this edition:

  • Spookghetti
  • Potion Maker’s Authority ice cream party
  • Midnight Owl Movies
  • Mister Ghost’s Terrifically Terrifying Phantasmal Pumpkin Delivery Service

(Please note: stories are sometimes published on various social media platforms a few months after each newspaper is released. We deeply appreciate the purchase of physical papers, as they directly contribute our ability to write and publish more, but wish to be transparent about this level of cross-publication.)

Please note: This item falls outside our normal upgrade deals.Stories are short and often include illustrations or photos11" x 14" (27.94cm x 35.56cm)