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Mermaid Message sticker

If your message needs to be handled by mermaids and/or sea creatures to ensure its safe delivery, mark it with this sticker. The Netherworld Post Office will divert it along the proper channels based on a quick eldritch scan.

Fantastically useful for international messages that cross the seas and oceans, this sticker will offer special handling should its carrier be destroyed by kraken or sea beast. The vessel gains no special protection (it is their duty to handle the necessary charms), but post destruction, it is customary for mermaid mail carriers to scour the wreckage for undelivered letters and parcels. Your message, so marked, will be expedited to it’s destination.

Permanent adhesiveStickers are outdoor safe, scratch resistant, weatherproof, even dishwasher safe!3" x 2.74" (7.62cm x 6.96cm)