The Peyroux Dispatch

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The Peyroux Dispatch is a four page black and white newspaper that brings the Netherworld into your home. Original articles feature witches, monsters, ghosts, sea creatures, hidden libraries, forgotten realms, villains triumphing, heroes falling, and all manner of odd things that go bump in the night. Advertisements in the newspaper focus exclusively on Netherworld products, such as dryad horn polish and the latest innovations in poisons and curses.

Ships August 1-5th, 2018
Evil Supply Co.

Monthly Delivery to Your Crypt, Castle, or Haunted Home: $2.00

Every month, the Netherworld’s finest newspaper will be printed, haunted, folded, and then mailed to your home. Wherever gloom stalks, whenever monsters strike, you will know. When a new creepy restaurant opens, as Halloween festivals start, as potion recipes are perfected, you will know.


Next Paper Without Subscription: $2.00

Interested in the Dispatch but wary? Looking for a gift for a friend, lover, or enemy with a birthday? Stuffing stockings, wrapping presents, need kindling to light a torch because you (sigh) chase monsters out of villages?

The Peyroux Dispatch is available as a single issue. You will not be charged again unless you purchase again or subscribe in the future.

Postage is $0.50 for orders in the United States and $1.15 elsewhere. It should be noted that nearly all Evil Supply Co. stories start in the Dispatch and are published elsewhere over time. Reading this newspaper will keep you up to date on the Netherworld’s beautiful and creepy goings on.

You may cancel your subscription at any time without penalty by logging into your account and viewing the subscription page.

For immediate story enjoyment, please consider our free digital story archive.

All Peyroux Dispatches will ship in the first few days of of August