Free/reduced shipping on all shirts

Shirts shipped within the United States automatically qualify for free shipping. For all other destinations, shipping and handling is automatically reduced by $3.00. This happens behind-the-scenes as a price adjustment rather than a credit to ensure it affects calculations before VAT, taxes, currency conversions, etc.

No codes are necessary. This offer combines with all other offers, discounts, sales, gift certificates, etc.



All shirt sales are final, so please double check your size before ordering. If you’re buying a gift and don’t have access to someone’s wardrobe, gift cards are available.

If I sent the wrong item or the wrong size, please drop me a note.


Shirt brands

Gildan 2000 (Unisex/Mens) and 5000L (Fitted/Womens): Among the most popular shirt stocks, they are the heaviest weight I offer.
  • Gildan shirts tend to be larger than Anvil and Bella.
  • Preshrunk.
  • 100% jersey knit cotton


Bella + Canvas 3001 (Unisex/Mens) and 8413 (Fitted/Womens): Very soft and tapered for a close fit, Bella shirts are the lightest weight I offer. Note: “Canvas” is part of the brand name, the shirts are not printed on canvas.
  • Bella's fit makes sizing small. I recommend ordering a size up or another brand if you do not want a tight fit.
  • Artwork tends to have a slight texture.
  • Preshrunk.
  • Bella Unisex/Mens shirts are 100% cotton.
  • Bella Fitted/Womens are 50/25/25 polyester/cotton/rayon.


    Anvil 980 (Unisex/Mens) and 880 (Fitted/Womens): Crafted with 100% ring-spun cotton (a process that makes shirts lighter weight and softer), Anvil shirts are medium weight.
    • Not as rigid as Gildan, nor as small as Bella, a great middle style.
    • 100% ringspun cotton.
    • Preshrunk.
    • Artwork tends to have a slight texture.


      If you don’t know what brand you like, go into your closet and find your favorite shirt. Measure and look at the size charts below. Or drop me a note and I’ll help you sort out options!


      Shirt sizing charts

      I label everything “Unisex/Mens”and “Fitted/Womens” because I am balancing “I want you to feel comfortable” and “if you Google a brand for details, I want you to be able to quickly find information.”

      As a company, I support your wardrobe choices and gender (or lack there of). As a merchant, I want you to be able to quickly and easily verify what you’re buying when externally researching details.

      Please check your size before ordering as all sales are final. Sizes are provided by the manufacturer.

      Print chart full size on letter size or on A4 size paper, a ruler is included. (Size charts updated July 2, 2017)


      Love and care for your shirts

      • Turn your shirt inside out.
      • Wash on a low/gentle cycle.
      • Do not use fabric softener.
      • Put on a hanger or lay out flat to dry. If you must use a dryer (you’re running late for a job interview or hot date), use the lowest heat setting.
      • If you use an iron, avoid the artwork as possible.


      Slight acetone smell when opening package

      Shirts are printed on demand and the chemical fixing agent may have a slight acetone smell when you first open the package. This extremely common for print on demand products and will dissipate quickly on its own or immediately with the first wash.