Evil Supply Co. is a celebration of cozy Halloween. Witches brewing potions for their vampire wives, forest monsters falling in love with mermaids, ghosts haunting friends.

There are monsters and villains aplenty, though the focus is mischief and mayhem, not doom and destruction. Enemies are as often found enjoying each other’s company at the local haunted diner as a battlefield or dungeon.


Behind the Scenes

All stories, comics, and products are written and illustrated by Atticus Q. Redghost, a swamp witch who eats too many waffles and gets lost far too easily.

Evil Supply Co. was officially founded on October 31, 2012, while Atty was on vacation in Salem, Massachusetts. While this may sound like a joke or a marketing tagline, it is absolutely true, because if you are going to start a haunted company, style is important.

Salem, Massachusetts on October 31, 2012

(I stayed in a haunted bed and breakfast, spent an immense amount of time in the seasonal festivals, and mailed many letters to friends and loved ones from the gorgeous post office.)



Atticus illustrates, writes, and designs all Evil Supply Co. products, then manages the manufacturing and final fulfillment.

Products are designed to be high quality, very spooky, and as affordable as possible. To accomplish this, Evil Supply Co. grows very slowly as a company — testing, re-testing, and testing the tests continually.

From 2012 through mid-2019, the company’s emphasis was evil paper goods and the occasional sinister shirt. Starting in mid 2019 and going forward, Evil Supply Co. is expanding into haunted housewares.



A few times a week, Atticus writes slice-of-life monster stories, blog posts about Halloween, or makes a comic and posts it to the Evil Supply Co. story archive and mail blog.

In the same tone as Evil Supply Co. products, stories celebrate cozy Halloween. They are set in the infinitely sprawling Netherworld, a peaceful realm of witches and monsters, ghosts and ghouls, mermaids and sea monsters.

Always very short, usually sappy.


Questions or comments?

Please email Atty at orders@evilsupply.co

Thank you!