Newspapers begin to ship separately

Following the massive production and fulfillment crunch, I stumbled into an interesting opportunity that greatly helps fix scheduling.

The Peyroux Dispatch, a monthly newspaper I mail out as part of Mister Ghost’s Highly Enviable Monthly Parcels of Simple yet Amazing Wonderments will now be mailed separately. It may be sent a week or so earlier than the parcel, or a week or so later than the parcel.

I am celebrating by having a nap (complete) and baking cookies (above).

The costs to subscribers and single-parcel-purchasers remains the same ($12.00 and $16.00 respectively). Shipping and handling costs remain the same (this depends on where you are in the world).

Is this cutting into profits and ergo the ability for Evil Supply Co. to exist? You may ask. No. I reply.

To get everything out the door requires a lot of fees. By restructuring production, we can avoid those fees. Said fees compared to postage results in a net loss or gain of a handful of dollars.

How does that help keep timing on track?

Instead of multitasking and running around like a cartoon chicken, I can pay tighter attention to one thing or another.

Also, the box includes a variety of things coming from a variety of production crews. If one is running late, I can say “no problem” and adjust the flow so said thing goes into Delivery #02.

I am interested in this Mister Ghost. What is this month’s theme?

Necromancer’s Social Club. Details here

I am interested in those cookies.

(Frantic sounds of eating) What cookies? Don’t pay attention to the attractive ghost behind the spooky curtain! There are no cookies!