Six. Years.

“I have this idea for a really specialized store. It is going to focus on Halloween all year.”

“That makes sense, you really like Halloween.”

“And it is all original art, comics, stories. Set in its own ever expanding world of mischief and love and romance. Monsters smooching ghosts, mermaids marrying dryads, the works. There are going to be support groups of necromancers helping the newly raised, potion brewing guilds to help expand their art, adventurers that do battle with enemies and go out for waffles afterwards together.”

“That seems… like a lot.”

“It is going to have an immense, optimistic air to all of it because the land is a literal infinite utopia. Just ever expanding. So over the years I’m going to be able to introduce entirely new realms and kingdoms and royal families. There will be political intrigue a bit and hidden love affairs. But more than anything the underlying current is love and joy and support.”


“And the stories are always available free.”

“Atticus this doesn’t make any sense.”

“And the products? Inexpensive.”


Evil Supply Co. officially started on October 31, 2012 and every year has been an immense challenge and an even greater reward.

Six years of struggle, thousands of small boxes with tens of thousands of pounds of paper, patches, pins, coiled books, etc.

A few hundred stories across a dozen or two characters and thousands of tiny blips and quips.


Tonight I will light a candle in my jack-o-lantern and praise the moon for six beautiful years.

Tonight I will begin working on Year 7, tonight I will begin making it bigger, more tightly crafted, stronger, packages shipped faster, products broader, stories more frequent and vibrant.

Happy Halloween, black hearts, and thank you for another great year.

I promise to make the coming even better.