Save 10% through the Jan 21!

The first big inventory update of 2018 brings us 2 new art prints, 2 new greeting card envelopes, a new greeting card, 7 new notebooks (wow!), 3 new enamel pins, and 2 new postcards!

So let’s celebrate with a weekend sale. Save 10% off the entire store* including items already on sale. And while we have your attention, Evil Supply Co. wants you to send more notes, birthday greetings, “it has been awhile, lets ramble” thoughts, and “I’m thinking of you” notes. All greeting cards have been lowered to $1.50 for the duration of 2018.

* Excluding Mister Ghost subscriptions.

Use promo code:    HELLO2018 


New greeting card and envelopes:

New notebooks:


New enamel pins:

New postcards:

Save 10% through the January 21!
Use promo code:    HELLO2018 

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