(arises from a pile of autumnal leaves and receipts)

Hello, it is me, your weird relative Atticus. The season has brought a giant pile of orders — look into my eyes — a giant pile of orders.

Firstly, thank you. So much. It has secured 2018 as the most wonderfully gloomy year in Evil Supply Co. history.

We aren’t even into 2019 and it is already looking better because I have money to launch and build and go faster.

Secondly, stories and comics — on trains and cars and planes and in waiting rooms waiting for meetings with money-people and ink-people and covered in grave dirt awaiting the midnight creeps…

I have been sketching and drawing and doodling and editing and narrating and dancing and singing (you won’t see/hear this, be thankful) and drinking coffee and acting out scenes so they make sense but not too much sense.

You get the picture.

Or you will.

The ebooks too. Because future stories (and previous stories) are all going to be released as “pay if you want” ebooks.

Okay, I’m going back to work, I have emails to answer and orders to zoom.

There will be a 2018 Halloween story — I’m busy but there is time. It involves ghosts and a clocktower and trick-or-treating and the entire village of Peyroux.

I hope you read it (via the newsletter or on social media) and that it contributes to a marvelous holiday.