Free Domestic Shipping! Reduced International Shipping!

Orders $25 and up automatically receive free shipping within the United States and a $3.00 credit elsewhere. This offer is automatic and stacks with all sales, promotions, upgrades, etc.

There are a few exceptions, but these work in your favor:

  • Shirts,
  • Mugs,
  • and posters (not yet launched) automatically qualify for free/reduced shipping

If your order is split ($10 in greeting cards and 1 shirt), the site will split your purchase into two orders. In this example, you would be charged normal shipping for the first part ($10 worth of greeting cards) and you will automatically receive free domestic/reduced international shipping on the second part (the shirt).

If your order is split and meets the $25 minimum ($25 in greeting cards and 1 shirt), both will free domestic/reduced international shipping.