The print version of the Peyroux Dispatch has closed

For 21 issues over the course of about 2 years, The Peyroux Dispatch proudly served the mortal world as the physical newspaper of record for stories, gossip, news, and rambles from the Netherworld.

The pressures of the mortal world have caught up to The Dispatch and the physically printed version is drawing to a close immediately (August 2018) following the completion of all open orders. The Dispatch was a portion of the Mister Ghost mystery parcel which ended in April of 2018 — and the original plan (admittedly born with high emotion over Mister Ghost’s closing) was to offer The Dispatch as a standalone product.

Upon reviewing the adjusted printing, admin, and other costs, though, this is not possible — 2 months of having it as a standalone product have shown the unresolvable problems.

Will I get the paper I paid for?

Yes. It is wrapping up this month (August 2018). You will not be charged again in the future.


Couldn’t you just raise the price a little?

No. It is not just a cost issue, but a labor and time as well.


Will Evil Supply Co. continue to write stories, research, and publish ads from around the Netherworld?

Yes, digitally on the story archive and on social media. Because this is an archive I own, and there are no production costs or timelines (I update as I can), it is an infinitely viable and a very valuable resource for the company.

Since the beginning of the company’s existence, they have been the way I have chiefly marketed — and it has been very successful. With the physical paper, the workload doubled (building the content and making it into newspaper form). This worked well when The Dispatch was part of a larger ecosystem (Mister Ghost’s Parcels), but falls apart with the adjusted printing and fulfillment costs.

In addition, social media algorithms are continually pushing towards “content curation” versus “content creation.”

The amount of content I can publish was directly tied to The Dispatch because that was the lead venue in which stories were distributed. On months I am able to write and draw faster, items had to be held back for future newspapers — constraining Evil Supply Co.’s ability to stay in business (much less grow). All social media platforms want a continual, and frequent, posting schedule. The Dispatch throttled some months, and forced deep time investments (when time was scarce) in others.

Hoarding stories got us this far but the creation, structuring, editing, designing can only be done so far out.


Will you release eBooks or physical zines?

Yes, I’m working on both fronts, but neither will be on a timetable. Instead of publishing monthly, I can publish as possible.

I can also publish specific channels of content. A thread I’ve seen a lot of since the beginning is some parts of my audience love witches and care little for mermaids. Or vice versa. Some love everything, but most have niche interests.


I have thoughts.

Please email to discuss any or all of the above, or any other Evil Supply Co. business.


Thank you for everything. This hurts, but the moon is bright and the night is an ally.