2018 Christmas Timelines

The last few months of 2018 have been so thick with orders that normal operations have been being crunched and delayed, and as Halloween approached and then passed, things got intense did have yet to relent. I am bribing friends with cash and cookies and food to pack orders, but with end-of-year coming, it is going to get bigger and I want to be completely and utterly transparent:

I cannot guarantee on time delivery for Christmas or any specific December holiday. The crew and I will do our best, shipments are being produced and packed and proofed and sent into the post office several times daily, but I do not wish to upend anyone’s holiday.

I have no time to do proper marketing and advertising this season, nor to put holiday-specific items into the store.

That is the bad news.

Let’s have some good news:

Coupon code BYE2018 is active until December 31, 2018, 11:59 PM in the last time zone on earth. Save 15% off of everything in the store. If it is 2018, anywhere on Earth, the code is active.

Holiday cash keeps this ghost ship floating in the inevitable slow times, so this is the best possible solution.

Gift certificates are always available, never expire, are discounted like all other products, and a printable PDF is automatically delivered after your order is placed.

Ramble time:

Physically, this has all been difficult as there are only so many hours during the day and the packing space is tiny. I’m sorry to all who have had late orders. If we need to chat, please email orders@evilsupply.co

Financially, this crunch has put Evil Supply Co. into a position I hadn’t planned on being for 2-3 years.

It has put the company into the realm of “what kind of company should we be?” The last year-ish has seen a rapid selling out of product lines as I switched and improved production methods. Some things were kept and had their prices lowered (greeting cards), some things have gone away and haven’t returned (stationery).

I’m plugging the newsletter in a moment because I’m left me wondering, “What kind of company should Evil Supply Co. be?”

I’ve been getting regular emails, “is Thing coming back?” I honestly don’t know yet. I processing where to go next. More shirts? Housewares? More paper? January is historically a slow time so I’m going sleep, eat a lot of waffles, keep my holiday decorations up for an extended period, and figure it out. Three cheers, my beloved black hearts.

2019: New Stuff As It Is Figured Out


All orders will be shipped out as quickly as possible. Cannot guarantee Christmas delivery.

15% off coupon code: BYE2018 until December 31, 2018, 11:59 PM in the last time zone on earth.