Celebrate Halloween Every Day

Since creating the above graphic in August 2013, it has begun to populate across countless Halloween and autumn blogs, Tumblrs, Facebook pages, etc. — very rarely crediting Evil Supply Co. The internet has an art lifting problem. People want to share stuff they love, they want to use artwork to showcase their personalities and interests, and artists want to be and need to be compensated fairly for their work (so they can eat, raise the dead, and make more art).

I do not have an answer to this gigantic, overwhelming problem. But I do have an answer to the specific use of the above graphic.

We want to give back to the Halloween community and need to make money to continue (it costs several thousand dollars a month to fund Evil Supply Co.), so we found what we believe to be a way that helps everyone involved.

We are launching a button of the graphic (slightly modified to fit button-sizing), and we are offering the graphic under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

In short: you can use it for personal use, please credit us with a link to: https://evilsupply.co, and you do not have permission to use it for commercial or advertising purposes.

  • Download the graphic as a rectangle.
  • Download the graphic as a square.
  • Download the graphic as a Facebook cover.
  • Download the graphic as a Twitter cover.
  • If you wish to support this graphic, please purchase the shirt (it is $2.50).
  • Learn more about Creative Commons
  • If you see someone using our art without linking to us, we ask you nudge them to do so. This tiny step on your part literally helps keep us in business.
  • Celebrate Halloween every day.