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Zelda K. Arcadia

A swamp witch, Zelda is most at home in muck and dirt. She has a casual, easygoing nature with a focus on napping as often as possible. Zelda sleeps in trees, fields, the gardens of friends — and sometimes, to her wife’s amusement — at home in a comfortable bed.

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Mayor Kevin M. Sourdough

Kevin M. Sourdough is the mayor of Peyroux and has been since its founding; no one else wanted the job at first and Sourdough has accomplished so much and enjoys the office so greatly that no one wants to contest his position.

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Penny P. Post

Penny P. Post, vampire, is soft, formal, well put together, and privately nervous. While royal blood does not flow through her veins (except occasionally after a meal), she has a courtly grace about her that is rarely shaken — externally.

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Atticus Q. Redghost

Atticus Q. Redghost is an odd villain. What they lack in traditional ambitions, they more than make up for care and affection for ghosts, monsters of all kinds, witches, and the undead.

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Nixandrea Z. Dagon

Nixandrea “Nixxi” Z. Dagon, sea nymph, is a scholar of aquatic magic. Single-minded to the point of being socially distant, Nixxi spends all of her time studying ocean, river, lake, and storm gods and spirits.

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Sleepy Monster shirt

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Red Kelp

In her days as an adventurer, Red specialized in stealth and information gathering. Moving without making noise or casting a shadow is as much talent as spell casting. Her naturally quiet, thoughtful nature and excellent memory made her the perfect rogue.

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Strawberry is a fresh water mermaid with a deep love of sunshine, candy, and monster movies. Extroverted and with a vibrant sense of humor, Strawberry’s large personality glows warmly wherever she is.

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