Flash fiction


The poltergeist snickered as it shrunk the boots of every knight in the camp.

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Bit of Rainwater

“What do you think?” the sprite asked, offering the dryad a spoon. Tasting the soup, “needs a bit of rainwater,” the dryad offered, rummaging in her satchel for a vial.

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NetherworldTV: Gardening with Dryads

Tonight on NetherworldTV: Gardening with Dryads shows us how to grow self-cursing flowers, hexed mushrooms, and how to capture moonlight in garden ponds.

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NetherworldTV: Structural Integrity

Tonight on NetherworldTV: This Old Haunted House explores structural integrity when poltergeists start running amuck and repairing support rotten beams.

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Tonight on NetherworldTV: Lemon Peel

Tonight on NetherworldTV: Lemon Peel, a tiny and absurdly bright yellow dragon, paints himself green and uses the name “Lime Wedge” to commit heists and fool investigators.

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Sleeping Ghost enamel pin

Sleeping Ghost enamel pin ($2.00)

The undead are often sleepy, sometimes resting peacefully for years at a time.
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Tonight on NetherworldTV: Pumpernickel the Owl

Tonight on NetherworldTV: Pumpernickel the Owl hoots ominously in a graveyard while the moon rises behind her.

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Sleepy Witch

The ghost passed through a wall and, seeing the sleeping witch shiver, covered her with a blanket, then kissed her forehead. Smiling a slumberous smile, she turned over and dreamt of black roses.

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Free Donut

Donut Be Afraid, a Netherworld donut and coffee stand, has a special running through the weekend. Dress up as a ghost and get a free cemetery coffee!

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Halloween Sprinkles

Creepy Crepes, a haunted diner, has shifted the shapes of Halloween sprinkles they offer as a table seasoning. This week: bats!

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Couch Alligator

“You can hiss all you like,” the swamp witch scolded the alligator, who did indeed hiss again. “But you!” She prodded it with her broom, it hissed louder. “Are not! Allowed!” Prod! Swat! “On! The couch!” The alligator hissed mightily and the swamp witch hissed right back. Editor’s note: Everyone who complains about mistreatment of […]

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