Flash fiction

Ancient Literary Friends & Fiends

The library was closed for the night, the cleaning crew had come and gone, and the undead librarian was alone. Skeletal fingers were run along book spines and the library responded with papery giggles as the two ancient friends settled in for a long night of quiet reading.

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The Ghost & The Witch

The ghost looked up and saw a face for the first time in a thousand years. With a voice creaking with spiderwebs and curses and darkness, “My friend… I am so glad to see you” “We know each other?” the witch started at the greeting, at the ghost’s presence. “I have long wished for a […]

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The dryad snuggled close to the mermaid, who sang softly, who wove moonlight into a blanket with her voice. Together, the pair drifted along the sea’s waves, the pair drifted to sleep.

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Witch’s Curse & Blessing

Did you break the witch’s curse? Or did you two fall in love and now it is a witch’s blessing?‬

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Depressed Mountain Dwarf

“Brain forge ain’ firing today,” the mountain dwarf grumbled into his beard as he poured two mugs of tea. “Do you want to talk about it?” the gnome asked softly, tilting his head. “Nope.” “Do you want to sit together for awhile?” Frowning in comfort, the dwarf quietly, gently, “Yep.”

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With barely held anger, the dragon asked, “But how does one roll around and bask in cryptocurrency? How does one hoard it in piles to sleep in? What happens when the power goes out?”

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The Holy Knight’s Sword of Cleansing Flame

“So your sword is a holy artifact?” “Yes.” “It burns eternally with the light of righteousness?” “Yes. Please stop asking —” “So it is a literal flaming sword?” “Yes. Stop asking questions. Please return to your cell—” “Can we make s’mores on it?”

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Vampire’s Cookies

The vampire took the bloodsugar cookies from the cooling rack and put three on a plate decorated with jellyfish, three on a plate decorated with will-o-wisps, three to one with laughing skulls, and three to one with plump black cats. She licked a bit of sugar from her fingers as set about mixing up a […]

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Kobolds in the Stacks

The librarian pursed her lips as she reshelved the book for the third time in as many hours. The library’s kobolds giggled and waited for her to walk away before stealing the book again. The librarian turned sharply on her heel and shouted, “Ah ha!” and the kobolds quickly shhh-ed! her. Biting back a laugh, […]

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Mountain Nymph Bubble Bath

The mountain nymph, a towering behemoth of indeterminate weight and strength, a series of sentient boulders and gravel, giggled as the gnomes scrubbed it down with large, stiff brushes and washed it clean with a blue-violet bubble bath. Regular scrubs, usually in the spring, helped the giant nymph from mossing over.

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