"Can I combine orders?"

To balance our need of adding new stuff on a regular schedule and your need as a consumer to get the best deal, orders can be combined by sending a quick note to orders@evilsupply.co with your relevant info. Let us know if you have an open order and want to order something new, or if you have placed multiple orders and want them to ship together. A store credit will be placed on your account.

There are a few exceptions:

  • Mister Ghost parcels cannot be combined with anything. In order to get everything out in time, we have to process them in an assembly line style.
  • Customized products cannot be combined with non-customized items because the shipping timelines are very different.
  • Posters usually cannot be combined with non-poster items because they ship in a tube. Exceptions can be made if you’re ordering patches or pins as these won’t get squished.


“Okay great! What happens if I order something and then you put it on sale?”

Sending a quick note to orders@evilsupply.co and a store credit will be placed on your account.