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Margot V. Shadow

Fey Library Fines

Avoid the curses. Mark your calendars and ask for extensions as necessary.

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Encountering the Undead for the First Time

“—why do you wear glasses,” I asked the skeleton.

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The Attack

“Quietly, like a cat,” the necromancer mumbled to herself, hiked up the black tatters of her skirt and crept forward. Her familiar, an actual cat, glanced at her, rolled its eyes, laid down, and went to sleep.

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Migrating Flowers

Some gardens focus on fruits and vegetables, others magical ferns and poisonous herbs, while a handful feature flowers. A handful, mind you, because flowers migrate frequently.

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Potion Popsicles

As summer continues its annual roast, the Potion Maker’s Authority is on hand to cool down overheated citizens and tourists in Peyroux.

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Netherworld Post Office Raven patch

Netherworld Post Office Raven patch ($4.00)

Celebrate your love of letters, cards, and scare packages!
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Haunted Realty

“How long has it been abandoned?” the undead monster asked as it studied outdated writing and rusted pipes.

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Jail Break

“Atticus,” the huge octopus said with mock bitterness as he entered the cell, “I don’t have time for this.” The villain’s lawyer had arrived after about an hour of patient waiting.

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Insert Coin

Stocked with hot meals, healing potions, and all manner of gear, dungeon vending machines can keep you alive— but they are often mischievous

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The Book Conservator

“Lost, but not forever,” the sorcerer said to himself.

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The Vegetable Heist

Whistling a tune older than names, the witch reached down and picked up the lime green basket.

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