About the planners

The first step in global domination and/or destruction is to ensure the animals will be okay. The second step is to have fun. The third? Make a plan.

Planner page overview

All of our planners are undated, allowing you to start and stop at any point in the year without wasting pages.

Evil Supply Co. offers many planner formats to ensure your sinister deeds are prioritized. Our annual planners consist of 12 sections, each containing a calendar month spread, followed by 5 weekly spreads, a Do & Destroy spread, and a lined spread for notes. Recap the month for future reference, discuss what needs to be done next month, or in general remind yourself of wicked deeds and dark dreams.

Annual planners have 12 sections, each including the following page spreads: 1 month, 5 weeks, 1 Do & Destroy, 1 lined.

Annual and weekly planners can start from any day of the week — some villains prefer calendars to start on Sunday due to tradition, others prefer it to start on Wednesday or another day because they work the weekends. Evil Supply Co. can accommodate all 7 temporal possibilities.


Opening notes and Things to Remember, Things to Forget

The first page on all of our planners has an opening lined paragraph, a great resource for archiving your book. The section below the contact information (Name, Began, Completed, Email, Phone) reads:

Wisdom will find trespassing fingers closing this book rather than “Casual Browsing”. One never knows what watches.

The last page of all planners has a lined section for things to remember and a blackened section for things to forget. Write them down to get them out of your mind, then leave them in the dark to be dispersed.


“Will my ink bleed through?”

Planners (and spell books) are printed on 60# white or cream paper. I highly recommend ordering a paper test before purchase to make sure this is acceptable.