Order Upgrade Details

The deal is simple: the more you order, the more we upgrade. You do not need a discount code or coupon, our cart adds these items to your order automatically via wonderful e-commerce mischief magic. Deals change regularly, so keep an eye out on the check out screen to see if you are close to the next tier.


Current deals

  • Orders $5+ get 1 free Peyroux Dispatch
  • Orders $10+ get 1 free small art print
  • Orders $15+ get 2 free notecards + envelope
  • Orders $20+ get 3 free stickers
  • Orders $25+ get 3 free Peyroux Dispatches (4 total)
  • Orders $30+ get 1 free notebook
  • Orders $35+ get 1 free Evil Merit Badge


Upgrades stack and are processed automatically!

Selections are made at our discretion and substitutions are not allowed. If you have a specific item request, please include it in a note at the end of your order — we will try to honor it, but may not be able to due to inventory levels.

Because of their nature, size, or packaging requirements, subscriptions and a few items are excluded from order upgrades. Affected items are noted in the bullet list next to the pricing.


Gift certificates

Gift certificate purchases are exempt from order upgrades. If you purchase a $75 gift certificate and $1 of shippable items, your order will not be upgraded because we will only measure the $1, non-certificate portion of your order.

Purchases made with a gift certificate, however, are processed normally and will get appropriate upgrades.