Mayor Kevin M. Sourdough
Mayor Kevin M. SourdoughMayor of Peyroux
Penny P. Post
Penny P. Post

Soft spoken and frequently anxious, Penny is a vampire that thinks too much, too often, about everyone and everything.

It is not unusual for her to have notecards when she meets friends because she doesn’t want to forget an important line of thought or to ask a question about a piece of news or gossip. She similarly often takes notes during these meet-ups so she can mail a letter after — reinforcing mutual opinions, clarifying any points she fumbled over, and generally thanking the other party for their company.

As a vampire, Penny spends long evenings in her own company, walking the trails and paths of the Netherworld’s many forests. When her mind is too full, Zelda, her wife, will join, but many times Penny simply uses the solitude to quiet her troubles.

Penny and Soot, Zelda’s winged cat familiar, have a love-to-tease relationship with each other in an endless battle for Zelda’s attention and affection. The tone is friendly but the stakes are high.

Zelda K. Arcadia
Zelda K. Arcadia

Forever sleepy, Zelda prefers the business of reading novels to adventuring, to taking long naps over researching new spells or crafting magical items.

Her casual wardrobe is a balance between “I’ve just woken up,” and “I’d rather go back to bed.” Appropriately, Zelda’s familiar, a winged black cat, Soot, equally enjoys napping and doing very little.

Zelda is competent with magic and is gleefully unambitious with its use. Her spellwork rarely strays from building creature comforts for herself, her wife, Penny, and Soot. In one of her limited business ventures, Zelda crafted Never Unfluff Pillow enchantments and a variety of Extra Cozy Spells.

Zelda’s ability to keep a secret is legendary so she is a frequent confidant. Paradoxically, Soot cannot keep a secret, but so infrequently cares about what is going on it rarely has any to keep.


An intensely inquisitive mermaid, Strawberry seems to know everything about everyone — and if she doesn’t, she wants to. To be fair to Berry, she does not explore where unwanted nor will she press when boundaries are set.

A powerful magic user, Strawberry is able to innately summon and easily control spells that typically require years of study and tremendous personal energy. She can, with limited experimentation, recreate nearly any spell she sees cast by another, often improving its range, or power, or make it more efficient after a week or two of practice.

Strawberry is talkative and expressive with a charming musical voice. It can be difficult to remember what you have discussed as she shifts subjects frequently.

On land, Strawberry travels via a Travel Drop spell.