Evil Supply Co. loves monsters. Witches too. And ghosts, mermaids, and all manner of weird, wonderful creatures.

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Haunt the Mail

At only $1.50, with lots of designs and multiple envelope colors to choose from, greeting cards are an inexpensive way to create an inherently personal gift for friends and loved ones.

Send a small ghost story, talk about the hilariously weird things your pet bats are getting into, write a spell or two. Or simply Hi, how are you?

Sleepy Goblin, Sleepy Bat, Sleepy...

All shirts ship free within the USA, other destinations automatically receive a $3.00 shipping and handling credit. 

Shirts are printed on two fits (Unisex/Mens and Fitted/Womens) and on multiple brands (Gildan, Anvil, Bella+Canvas) for style and comfort. You're going to look great.

A Celebration of Cozy Halloween

Witches snuggle up to their vampire wives on twilight beaches, mermaids and forest monsters fall in love and build tiny cottages to celebrate their lives, the coffee shop down the road is run by ghosts, and the public libraries are filled with cursed books.

Heroes and villains clash in dungeons, only to later join sides for brunch at the local haunted diner, swapping boasts and tall tales of bravery, prophecies of doom, and joyous laughter.

All products, stories, and other bits of spooky mischief are original.