The Reef Grocery Store

The Reef is a grocery store serving the underwater town, Gardot. Comprised of two main sections, the Reef’s coral and kelp gardens house the store’s produce and seafood offerings, while an underground cavern holds cereals, condiments, and aquatic baking supplies. In the center of the store, an alchemist is always on duty in the pharmacy, ensuring medications and potions can be acquired at all hours.

Shelves in the Reef reach immense heights. Using the Above’s measurement scale, the cereal isle alone is five stories tall. Given the ability to swim up and down with ease, underwater architecture tends to stretch vertically rather than horizontally.

Shopping disks, similar to carts, follow customers at about chest height as they swim up and down the isles. These disks allow customers to easily ferry their purchases through the store without dropping items from heights, possibly missing a traditional cart or landing on another customer swimming by.

The Reef’s shopping disks are semi-permanent magical manifestations, meaning it will follow you and assist carrying your purchases until specifically told to depart. If your destination is near, it will swim back to the store, otherwise it simply dissolves into the current.

Checkouts are speedy at the Reef. Specialist octopi and squid clerks many arms can make short work of even the largest order.

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