The Forest Eats Well

The cries for help rang through the forest and the heroes ran towards them. “Trolls!” the voice called, “we are under attack!” and “Please help!” The distress calls repeated over and over.

“Trolls?! How do we make it smell like trolls? The humans aren’t that dumb,” came the scolding reply, breaking the illusion. The heroes, a party of three, halted in their tracks and stared into the forest clearing incredulously, seconds from certain doom.

“How are you going to criticize me? Right now?” 

“Well I am hungry! You are yelling about trolls — did we discuss trolls? No! You always improvise. How do we trick humans into thinking trolls are nearby. They have noses!” The two giant plants bickered relentlessly, oblivious to their dazed prey. 

“Because I am an actor. And it would have worked if you hadn’t interrupted me!”

“I can’t believe we nearly walked into that,” one hero laughed to another. Or so he thought as he found himself alone. Two previously unseen plants had emerged from the forest’s gloom and gobbled up his party members as he was speaking.

“And now you steal my meal!” the loud, angry plant complained to the third and fourth arboreous monstrosities.

“Whe whill hwelp ywoo,” its companion offered as it slurped down the formerly laughing hero. It gulped audibly, finishing its meal, then demanded, “But no improvising! Just stick to the script!”

With a flower-tongue, the hungry plant monster rasp-berried sassily. It raised its voice, again calling for help, hoping to lure another adventurer before twilight. “Help!” it cried. “Quicksand! Help, I’m trapped!” Its companion plants nodded approvingly.

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