Mermaid’s Foot Rub

Red Kelp, dryad, relaxed as she laid on the chaise lounge. It felt so good to get off her feat. Strawberry, mermaid, floated in a globe of water beside her wife, this bubble of magical water surrounding her fish tail is itself a chair.

In a separate bowl of water, Strawberry dipped and then wrung out a leaf-patterned wash cloth. She repeated the gesture several times, occasionally adding a few drops from bottles resting on a small basket. Soon, the oils and soaps bubbled up.

The mermaid picked up her wife’s right leg with one hand and with slow, gentle circles, she washed. Its twin was given treatment next, the mermaid scrubbing the dryad’s left leg with tenderness and love.

Strawberry ran her webbed fingers gently up and down Red Kelp’s legs, seeking knotted muscles and areas of stress. These were worked with increasing pressure, unwinding the pent up energy to the soft gasps and low, deep in the throat sounds of appreciation of the leg’s owner.

A small stone was retrieved from the small basket of spa supplies and drawn across rough areas to remove dead skin. Strawberry again ran her fingers up and down each of her wife’s legs, gentle then firm. Repeat. Gentle, firm. Repeat. Repeat.

Strawberry held up two different vials, Red Kelp chose dark blue. It was opened and a few drops were placed into a new bowl of water, soon the entire room smelled of lavender light and clouds. Strawberry dipped a white cloth into the perfumed water and used it to slowly trace the curves and lines of Red Kelp’s legs, a final lotion. The mermaid leaned down and kissed her wife’s thighs, her lips gently brushing her flesh at first, then kissing again, lingering.

Barely awake, lovingly pampered, Red Kelp reached down to trace her wife’s face with fingertips nearly numb with a pleasant disconnection of reality.

These, too, were blessed with soft kisses by the mermaid.

Strawberry chose two bottles, deep violet and black, shaking them vigorously. Red Kelp always let her wife pick the colors on the final step. Strawberry twisted open the first bottle, revealing a tiny brush. She dipped it back into the bottle a few times then patiently painted her wife’s toenails in alternating colors.

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