Going My Way

Married now, this story with Strawberry, mermaid, and Red Kelp, dryad, takes place when they were dating.

Strawberry poked her head up, out of the pond’s surface, to watch the scooter proll to the water’s edge. Its small engine and practical lines may not quicken the heart of the gear-minded, but the rider’s distinct helmet, round thighs, large eyes, and curved horns sent a jolt through the mermaid’s heart. Pushing herself up and onto the shore, Strawberry tried to appear nonchalant.

A tap on the side of her helmet dissolved the visor. The dryad smiled when she saw her girlfriend, smiled more when she noticed the mermaid’s deliberate yet weak attempts at calmness. Red Kelp removed her helmet and shook her head, letting the morning light play across her features. She set the helmet on the scooter’s seat and took out two lollipops from her faux leather jacket. Red unwrapped one as she walked to the pond’s edge and popped it into her mouth.

Rather than accept the offered lollipop, Strawberry took the candy from Red Kelp’s mouth, kissed her, and popped into her own.

“Stealing is a crime,” Red Kelp teased by way of greeting as she unwrapped the second lollipop.

“Arrest me, copper,” the mermaid replied loftily, finding her groove. “Going my way, sailor? Give a fish a ride?” She held her arms up, gesturing a desire to be carried.

The dryad lifted the mermaid, who buried her face immediately into her neck. Strawberry held tight — it was an amazing, but very new, experience to travel away from a body of water.

In time, Strawberry would invent a spell that created a bubble of water around her fish tail, allowing her to travel on land easily. One day, the couple would buy a sidecar for Red Kelp’s scooter for Strawberry to ride in on longer trips. Someday, they would tour the Netherworld together.

“How do I look?” Strawberry asked as Red Kelp slid her too-large helmet onto her. The mermaid grinned and stuck out her tongue as the helmet slipped down, covering eyes. She giggled merrily.

Red Kelp adjusted the straps to better fit. Gazing into the water creature’s eyes, her heart skipped a beat. Quietly, “Like spring sunshine.”

Strawberry squealed and yelled happily as they drove through the forest on the small scooter. She clutched Red Kelp tightly from behind, her tail waving in the breeze. “Faster, Kelpie! Faster!”

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