Chimera Sandwiches

Chimera Sandwich Forge, a cooperative between a behemoth butcher, a cheesemonger monster, and a beastly baker, can be found on Unseen Shadow Lane in Peyroux. Purchases can be made from any of the three sides of the triangle-shaped building, or full sandwiches from the butcher.

Crumbs the Baker is a squat goblin with a crooked smile, the smallest purveyor at Chimera. Baking everything from blue-green bog bread to explosive pretzel surprises, Crumbs sells both finished loaves and dough to bake at home. Grumpy and a bit short on words, Crumbs has a small temper. He is actively working on being more patient and kind.

Wedge, an ogre, loves to tell jokes as cheesy as their wares. “Some folks say I got into this side of the business for the humor, but that just stinks!” Wedge will say to new customers, offering them a sample of trollsour cheddar, a cheese so toxic it comes with a Raise the Dead spell embedded within the rind.

The butcher, an orc named Bones, talks with a deep, gravely voice about everything under the moon. Immensely strong physically, Bones keeps a standing offer to all customers — if you can beat her in arm wrestling, your order is free. You can use magic to fortify your balance but not accelerate your strength.

The Triple Bite Sandwich Challenge is offered daily at Chimera.

Crumbs, Wedge, and Bones take turns coming up with a ridiculously large or forlorn sandwich. If you can finish, you eat free! If you die, a necromancer is summoned to bring you back.

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