April Fool’s Day

Strawberry, mermaid, burst into raucous laughter when her wife, Red Kelp, dryad, dressed as her, sauntered into the room. Red wore a large paper mache fish tail and a thin wooden water cutout behind it for dimension. She looked like a theatrical version of her wife — especially with overly dramatic makeup and piles of seaweed crafted into a huge wig.

April Fool’s Day is a popular holiday in the Netherworld. Friends, spouses, and partners dress up as each other in exaggerated caricatures, crafting elaborate costume tails and faux horns.

Across the village, Petrus Calderon, lich, hopped into the diner. The fearsome, skeletal sorcerer had glued twirling glass suncatchers to his head and encased his body in a scale-printed, snake-like sleeping bag. “Hiss hiss! Hello everyone!” he announced, heavily enunciating the hiss hiss. He held the door open.

A moment later, Magma “Ham” Hamilton Flamingo, gorgon, slithered in on her long, cloaked snake tail, brushing past her husband. Her face was hidden behind a paper grocery bag with a skull drawn on that, if I am a generous narrator, resembled Petrus. “Stars! Space!” the gorgon barked, lowering her voice as much as possible, “I am a spooky scary skeleton sorcerer-er-er!” In her hands, Ham held two stilts with shoes attached, which she made “dance.”

The assembled audience of costumed ghosts, monsters, and witches began roaring with laughter, with no one laughing as loud as the impersonated Petrus.  

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